Thursday, 1 May 2014

Evil's Hierarchy of Needs


Hello? Ok it's working.

Right, so what can I tell you about evil? I mean real-fucking-rip off your head-shit down your neck-evil here.

Well I can tell you that the books and the films got it all wrong.

How often have you read about evil being something demonic or monstrous?

Come on, a show of hands?

Exactly! Every fucking time!

There's a lot of that out there, that's why.

Be it Vamps, Werewolves, Wendigo or Zeds, they're all pretty fucking bad. But are any of them evil?

I guess I should first start by explaining what evil is.

I guess... shit where do I start?

Ok let me try it another way:

A lion kills a gazelle in the wild, is that evil?

A wolf kills a child to feed it's pack. Is that evil?

A man who due to mental illness is unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality and kills his family thinking them to be twisted monsters. Is that evil?

The answer to all the above is no. Enn fucking Oh!

Evil requires thought, deliberate action and responsibility.

A beast is not evil for fulfilling it's natural instinct and a crazy dude isn't evil when they are devoid of logical thought.

So what is evil? Have I ever seen it?


Have you ever been walking through a busy city, you've been following a map with music blaring in your ears? You turn a corner only to realise that you are not where the map says you should be? The hustle and bustle of the city is gone and all that remains is you, the alleyway and that strange smell you can never place?

Have you ever carried on down that alleyway? Seen where it takes you, or like the millions of others turn about and return to the rat-race?

If you had then you might have found the place I talk of now.

The Modern Prometheus.

Named after the antics of an infamous and fictional scientist this place is no different from a car chop-shop, other than the fact it deals in flesh and bone rather than aluminium and fibreglass.

From within this house of slaughter it's owner slices and cuts to his own agenda being aided by his own nursing staff each of who appears perfectly happy to assist as this barbarian removes organs and skin from decent folk who approached him for genuine medical needs but because of one reason or another; usually insurance, could not afford usual treatment.

So what makes this butcher evil? What sets him apart from the hundreds of wakos and beasts who are either too primal, stupid or insane to no any better?


Let me say that again...


This -man- is fully aware of what he does and why he does it, he is not misguided by imagined gods or driven by an inhuman desire. No he does what he does because he chooses to do it.

Excuse me.

So I'm calling this feed today Evil's Hierarchy of Needs. I'm sure I do not need to explain the pun in the title.

But I'm sure you are wondering what the hierarchy of needs is for evil itself. Just what drives them?

I wish it was simple; a base desire and instinct like hunger or safety, but it is not...

Well, not exactly.

For someone to be evil, to do bad things because they -want- to rather than need to, it requires all the other base needs to be filled.

Without these basic needs fulfilled they are not able to be self aware enough to actually be evil, instead they are just reactionary or insane.

But once these needs are filled, then they can begin their evil requirements.

I mentioned before that it is not hunger, but it does exhibit itself in a similar manner. Evil must indulge itself if able.

No matter the form it takes, a truly evil being must act evil once it is capable of doing so.


How do we go about stopping it?

Well we can shoot it in the head, that always seems to solve most problems.

But does it? Are we curing evil or just wrapping a bullet shaped plaster over it?

In order to cure evil you must first prevent it, not deal with it once it has raised it's fugly head.

My suggestion?

We use it's needs against it.

If a homeless, hungry and sick being can not be evil, then that is where we hit it!

We remove all health care and medical support that we have! We limit everyone to a single low calorie meal a day and we stick them all in housing shelters that provide them with not even the most basic of weather protection!

Before we know it we have eliminated all evil acts from the general populace!

But as with everything there is always a cost. In this case? By becoming evil ourselves...

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