Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Legends Revisited


Hey guys!

Things have been pretty quiet recently haven't they?

Wouldn't you fucking believe it!

So I've been busying myself with my day-job work.

I know, I know! It's fucking boring. But what am I supposed to do when there's shit-all going on?

What about Tokyo? Oh yeah there's Tokyo! And if course the Venice Initiative, but what good is any of that when when you've got a fucking NDA almost literally sewn into your lips?

So what can I talk to you about today?

What about the Zero Point Patho

OK, so we can't talk about that.

Ok ok ok I get it! No talking about that stuff! Fine!

Fucking Q&A!

Well there's always the old legends.

You ever hear about the Norse gods? You know the ones; Odin, Thor and Loki but to name those canonised on the Marvel big screen.

What if I told you that they were real?

Not aliens like in those films but humans like you and I who had been gifted with strange powers.

You know they say that everything is real.

I mean shit! Not everything?

Well no. Not everything.

To the best of our knowledge there's no such thing as Little Green Men. If you spin around fast enough in an anti clockwise direction you can't reverse time and mixing coke with rock poppers doesn't cause your head to fucking explode!

But a lot is true.

The Earth is hollow. There were Egyptians with tech far superior to our own and if you hang around the right sort of bees you can shoot lightning out of your fingers.

It's a simple thing really. When humans don't understand something they brand it as either a fake or as magic. In some cases, maybe a miracle.

That's all we're looking at here. Technology and natural abilities that the human mind can not currently understand.

So what do we do? We tell stories of these technologically advanced beings. We revere them as gods and wielders of power that us mere mortals could never own.

Over a long enough time these dudes stop being gods. They stop being myths and legends and before you know it they're teaming up with a bunch of radioactive jokes and fighting stupid fucking robots!


I mean seriously! How messed up is that?

These were real people with real names, who along with the native and normal people of our lands did both great and terrible things. Now they're Saturday morning cartoons!

I would be lying if I didn't say that I wonder if the same will happen to us. If in generations to come there will be tales of The Three, one who summoned lightning to his bidding, one who conjured ghostly blades and one who babbled demonic cryptics?

Who knows, maybe we'll be remembered like how we see those of the Stone Age, like primates stumbling at the use if tools. We got the right idea, just the finesse missed us by.


That's a depressing thought...

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