Friday, 9 May 2014

Discussion Point: Lovecraft

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Hey guys!

So I wanted to see if I can open a dialogue with you all today around the subject of HP Lovecraft.

So I've seen a lot of strange things, creatures that do appear to be almost fish like in appearance, shit I'm pretty sure their colloquial designation is Deep Ones, just like the sort of shit you wold find in a Lovecraft novel.

So this got me briefly wondering.

They say that Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein after having a particular vivid dream about some dude struggling with his own homsexual urges.

I'm not sure how much I agree with this theory but it makes me wonder; what is HP Lovecraft was the same? What if he was someone who was touched by the darkness out there and put what he saw down onto paper?

Honestly, I have no idea either way. I know that like the characters in his stories I have been to the mountains of madness and seen all manner of horror there, but as most are aware; correlation does not prove causation.

I mean for all we know Livecraft was the hand, while someone else acted as the voice, telling him what to write.

Fuck, it could just be a massive coincidence!

I know what I would like to think; that he looked into the abyss and he saw the darkness out there. Sure he may have taken a few liberties here and there, but what writer doesn't? And after all, wanting something to be true is a far flung difference from actually being true.

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