Friday, 2 May 2014

Memories of Childhood

Is this coming in?

Yeah I think I can see the bars spiking.

Ok we're good.

So how have you all been?

You know, the other day we were passing through an area of the Solomon Isles in New England that's known by The Company as 'The Savage Coast'.

Stupid name I know, sounds like what you'd call a game in a video game!

Anyway, while passing through I was briefly reminded of the time I spent there before and the nights we stayed in that ageless tree house shrouded in the mist high above the Akab nests.

If you ever get the chance to visit this region and if you can find him I strongly recommend you speak with Mr John Wolf...
...we back? Yeah ok.

Sorry this line doesn't seem very stable.

Now there's many reasons why you should meet this Wolf dude. Least of all is that his voice is like fucking honey! Seriously, I goaded him to keep talking just so I could hear those tones caressing my ears.

Anyway; John will tell you many things, but part of that will be the legends of that tree house in the woods and the kids who built it and to this very day maintain it.

Excuse me.

Well! This got me thinking about my own childhood, the things that as children we swore we saw:

The faefolk who danced at the bottom of the garden.

The monsters under the bed.

The... Fuck what did they call it? The green haired spaghetti monster!

I'm left wondering to myself; what if they were all real?

What if every single shadowed monster that we hid from under the covers was actually a real creature, and it's just the passage of age, or perhaps desensitisation that teaches you they are not real.

What is it they say? Ignorance is bliss?

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