Monday, 7 July 2014

Some much needed R&R


Yo dudes!

So I need to fill you in on a thing or two:

For the past few weeks me and the rest of the fire team have been in Tokyo trying to save the world from some deep shit.

You remember than announcement a while ago about ash clouds over Tokyo that stopped any media coverage? Yeah, that was a lie.

There was no fucking ash cloud, only Filth, Filth and more fucking Filth!

Why am I telling you this? It's simple really; media flooding!

It's the company's new tactic and I would be lying if I didn't take a partial credit for it.

Yeah, I suggested it to my handler, she passed it to the big boys and now this is our new way of handling media releases.

The idea is simple, you flood the public with information; twitter, Facebook, fuck it! Even Beebo and MySpace! You get the information out there through all manner of media, all the while sending out counter information and some that's just bat-shit crazy! What happens is that you end up with three types of an audience, those who dismiss -the truth- as nonsense, those who are crazy and believe everything even the nonsense, and then you have those like you, those who see through the jumble and realise that not only is there a world beyond the veil, but that you all have a role to play in it.

It's a win-win scenario, and from what I hear from my handler; the brass love it!


So yeah, here we are me and the super dudes I really hate that name kicking it in Tokyo, and let me tell you, the media blackout has a lot to be desired.

Over the past few weeks things have been quiet, we've been holed up in a rather swanky hotel as the lab boys back home did some data analysis for us in order to track down someone.

Well last Friday they found him, he was hiding away in a pretty shitty part of town trying to Home Alone us with marbles and swinging cans of paint. I tell you, it's a good job that kid didn't open the door properly or I would have kicked the crap into that guy! Fear Nothing or not, you don't fuck with a dude via spud-gun!


Anyway, so after dealing with little ghost girls; who from this point on will be referred to as Fucking Bitches, and far more demons than I care to think about, we decided to have some R&R, we upgraded our hotel room to include a jacuzzi and with a bit if wifi work retuned the smart-TV to accept some internet TV. Seriously, they have smart TVs but they block out international programming! What the fuck is up with that? You know what? Things are pretty sweet! I mean from up here you can see halfway over Tokyo and if you ignore the Filth Growth that seems to be sprouting everywhere it's a petty magical sight.

Those tuning in from before may be interested in the fallout from my last proper transmission.

Well, things are good. I'm still waiting to have 'the conversation' but I'm feeling pretty confident.

I know it's pretty silly talking about this like this, as I know you'll read this, but there are something's that I struggle with in person, you know?

I know how silly that is. But yeah, I guess I'm in this for the long haul, and I just kinda need to know if you are too, because at this point as hard as it might be, I can still keep things business.

Anyway, shit! I don't know what I'm talking about half the time! My brain is a fucking mess!

I still keep going back to Tyler Freeborn and all that shit he was caught up in. Now that's come to Tokyo and who knows what's going to happen from there?

I mean we get Fear Nothing's involvement in all this, harbingers of the apocalypse and all that shit, right hand of the devil.

Fuck! I mean they have chapters everywhere! I mean everywhere! I've even heard down the line that they've started knocking on doors down our streets! Asking people to seek enlightenment and shit like that!

Come on! If it can happen in Tokyo then it can happen everywhere! London, New York! Fuck probably even Seoul!

It's not hard to see the connections, I mean look at the bigger picture; Tokyo the world's technological power house! You really think The Snake doesn't have it's drone eyes all over the city? Of course it does! But despite all of that they still got the bomb to ground zero!

Now tell me how that is possible? I mean they have technology that makes that of The Company look like the Stone Age! The only viable way I can see is if they were in on it.


So yesterday the Super Dudes and I had a chat, you want to know what I think?

Well you're still reading so I'm going to assume that you do.

The Snake has a vested interest in all of this. I don't know what yet, but I see a few possible reasons.

Let's see; what was it?

Ok so there's the whole Hero thing, right?

I mean, maybe they want to let the shit hit the fan so that they could swan in and clean it up, leaving the rest of the world to gaze on in awe at how amazing The Snake is.

Then there's profit.

So the bomb goes off, and bam out comes The Snake with new fangled tech to either immunise or protect against the creeping Filth, of course they are the only ones who have this tech and so BAM! If you want to use that tech you have to pay their asking price.

I mean shit! We've seen their defence towers, what if they have some sort of prototype that actually kills off the Filth at the molecular level? They could build ones as big as skyscrapers and then every country in the would would buy them by the dozen! They could go from being just A Company to overtaking The Company is global domination!

Then there's the other side of it.

It's like that shit we saw in Egypt, mind controlled people being used as pawns of some ancient evil.

I mean what if that's also what's going on? What if... Holy fuck!

The Eight Sleepers...
...Eight Heads

Well... Fuck....

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