Thursday, 24 July 2014

Conspiracies & Doubts

Hey guys, so I've been thinking about things.

Over the past couple of months I've been putting things straight in my head and probably coming up with shit. But I hope that there may be a single jewel in that shit.

Ok that's a fucking awful analogy.

What I mean is... Fuck it I'll just tell you what I've been thinking.


So if I'm right it's all connected. Orochi (The Snake), The Sleepers, Morninglight, they're all parts of the same monster tied together with those nut jobs in Egypt and that crazy Roman cult.

Shit I just realised, I don't think I explained the Morninglight connection did I? Or Egypt and Rome?

Ok well it's simple really. You ever heard of Fear Nothing? It's some crazy modern thing going on in Japan. The premise is simple "send us your weak and vulnerable" or something R-Tarded like that.

Fear Nothing is a front for Morninglight, and through this front they get into the heads of Japan's youths and get them worshiping the Sleapers. Only it's not worshiping, it's some crazy guided meditation where they eat flies and shit like that.

So Fear Nothing; fucking Elder God worshippers which in turn is actually Morninglight, ergo Morninglight are Sleeper Slaves of something equally fucked up.

Then we have Egypt and the fucking Atenists or whatever they were called. The followers of the Black Sun. Ever seen their symbol? Hold on a second.

See! It's a Sun with it's light coming down, or some shit like that, now let's have a look at the Morninglight logo

Do you see! It's like an upside down version of the symbol of Aten! With pillars... Or something...

Ok well anyway... We know that Morninglight is tied in with the Filth, I've seen it myself and just go to Egypt and see the Atenists cults for yourself. I mean fuck! Those dudes brain wash people by feeding them Filth tainted fruit!

Then there's that Roman shit we encountered; Deus Sol Invictus or The Unconquered Sun, starting to sound familiar? We know that the Romans traded with the Egyptians, is it so hard to believe that they traded in nut job beliefs as well?

Ok I'm getting ahead of myself.

My point is, we're surrounded, everywhere we go we have these Filth Fuckers just longing to see the world go black and sticky and we're trying to put it together, to chop off all the heads of the snake at once, but it's fucking hard work!

And that's why we need you.

Keep an eye out, watch for activity and let us know!

Likewise there's the other side too.

Fuck... I mean I have no fucking choice in all this shit! I'm on this road and I don't think I can turn off.

There's two possibilities I see, either this is all real, all true and I've spent the past year or so swimming down a Filth filled rabbit hole.

Or, it's not real.

If that's the case then what is it? Am I running around slaughtering innocents thinking they're Zed Heads? Am I actually America's Most Wanted?

Or am I actually strapped to a bead somewhere dribbling into my own feeding tube having vivid madness induced hallucinations of miraculous adventures?

I mean shit, I think about the latter and how much sense it would all make, about how the death of a loved one would send me into a catatonic insane spiral, how I was picked up by The Company, only the boys in Blue Jackets are actually wearing White. The drugs I thought were making me into a super human were actually affecting my serotonin levels with everything else being my mind trying to make sense of a sane world from the eyes of an insane mind.

But I can't think like that, it's a downward spiral from which there really is no escape.

No, this is real. This must be real.

This. Is. All. Real.

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