Thursday, 10 July 2014



So I guess we're back here again?

You know I'm [CENSORED] [CENSORED] off about all this Q&A [CENSORED]!

So you want to hear about The Veil? Sure why the [CENSORED] not!

Ok, well back in Surrey I met this dude, went by the name [REDACTED] he told me all about this thing called The Veil, told me it was well known and published in plain sight.

Turns out that dude was right!

Ever read anything by the games company White Wolf? I'm telling you, they know more than they're letting on...


You're [CENSORED] kidding me? They're one of ours?


Well I didn't know that! [CENSORED] me!

Anyway, the Veil is some sort of defence mechanism. It ain't supernatural in nature, it's just about being human.

You see, when a person sees a big [CENSORED] off monster, their brain can't cope with it. Every part of their rational self is telling them that monsters aren't real, but their eyes are telling them it's right there, and their flight n fight self is telling them to get the [CENSORED] outta there!

So what happens? They deal with the situation; either they run away, they fight their way out, or they die. But once it's over, how do they reconcile their lives with what has happened?

This is where The Veil comes in.

It drops over their eyes, obscures their vision and reminds them that everything is fine, and that humans still are top of the food chain.

It's quite simple really, a little justification here, a little denial there, next thing you know the eight foot tall werewolf is now a large timberwolf, while the vampire that ate their friends was instead a crazed druggy or something.


I guess you're right. People don't want to know about the world beyond the normal world.


Well yes, but I think calling it 'The Secret World' sounds [CENSORED] tacky! Like something you'd name a video game, why not call it 'The World of SupernaturalCraft' or some [CENSORED] like that?


I don't know why us 'Bees' arnt affected by it, I mean maybe the very process of finding out what our 'Bee' powers are desensitises us to the whole thing? That being able to read Demonic, while being shot in the head and living, maybe after all that finding out Zeds and Ghouls are real ain't such a brain twister.

>>>>>>END FILE

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