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Sorry if this comes across poorly, but I'm trying to maximise my encryption system. It's taking a lot of juice so I don't know how long this will work for.

Yeah, so yesterday I mentioned The Snake and the eight heads right?


...wait! What was that?
Ok I think we're in the clear.

Yeah so I gotta get this shit off my chest.

You remember about nine months ago when I started these messages? Trying to get the truth out there?

Well I had just done some messed up shit! I mean fuck! It was crazy!

The fire team and I, we'd been inside the earth itself where we found something that even now we can't really explain other than some sort of Lovecraftian horror.

Well we found out that there were more, one of them was being hunted by Tyler Freeborn and the dude found it! He found it! Either that or it found him.

But yeah, so it turns out there are eight in total, I don't know what to call them, I've heard whispers of sleepers, or dreamers, but honestly I have no idea what they are other than they are somehow tied to the Filth.

But that's the thing! There's Eight of them!

This is what I was getting at yesterday!

I know The Snake is involved somehow, and I can only assume this is the connection.

The Snake gets it's name from a Japanese legend of old of some dude who killed a giant snake called "Yamata no Orochi".

Yeah, you see why I call the The Snake now? Yes I know that's art of a video game but it's the best I can find!

Anyway, so according to legend some super Japanese deity dude tried to save the world from this giant evil multi headed snake. He did so by getting the snake drunk and then chopping off it's heads.

If The Snake is the company, and the Sleepers are it's heads then this means they must be working together, maybe The Snake is even controlled by the Sleepers.

Fuck, I don't know!

Then there's the subsidiary companies:

Once again, right subsidiaries.

Maybe these are the eight heads you ask? Absolutely not!

You see the legend of the big snake didn't end with that dude just chopping off it's heads, no he went to the snake's tail where it had eight tails!

Eight tails, eight subsidiaries?

He then proceeded to cut off each tail one at a time until he got to the middle tail where his sword broke.

Tearing open the last tail he found inside an amazing sword called the Kusanagi.

What if we're looking at the same shit going on here? I mean we know that Manticore make weapons, and a shit tonne of them as well.

According to legend that Japanese dude took the Kusanagi and gave it to some goddess as penance for some bad stuff he did, what if this is what we are looking at here? What if someone somewhere is trying to use The Snake, heads and all and trying to pay penance for something?

What about destiny or providence? What if actually this is some messed up prophecy and WE are that Japanese dude, we have to chop off The Snake's head and offer a hidden weapon up as penance to Ghia for polluting her water or some shit like that.

Fuck the hippies would love it if that was true.

Ok I know that doesn't make sense, and I know I'm just seeing patterns where there probably aren't...

I mean fuck! Look at subsidiary 6! Faust Capital! Now could that be run by the demons trying to get a foot hold?

I don't know how many of these lines are random coincidence and how many are actual connections, but I'm calling it as I see it, there's shit going on out here and things are starting to add up, I'm just worried that I'm taking two plus two and making twenty two!


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