Monday, 16 December 2013

Modern Technology


Hey guys, long time no speak eh?

Shit man! It feels good to have my head square.

So I may have dropped off the grid a little since my last post, but make no mistakes, the voice of the truth has not gone anywhere!

No, I've just needed to get my head on straight, and the company has given me a hand in doing so.

Of course what I actually mean is that I feel like I've had a full blown lobotomy!

You see, according to KG; my handler, I've been a little moody as of late, she thinks that perhaps I got a little too involved in the case of Tyler Freeborn, that I've become a bit of a loose cannon, that my obsession with The Eight is moving beyond what is expected of a Company Operative.

Then you see we have the recent events in Transylvania, he facility and the events that happened there.

All in all they thought I needed a bit of a lift.

Queue three days of Q&A and Controlled R&R at the HQ, and I'll be honest, things do feel better.

Don't get me wrong, his isn't some sort of brainwashing, yes they tried, yes they tried to get information out of me about the engines, about the whispers, but I was able to keep that to myself.

With just a few memories I kept everything together, and managed to keep my everything in check.

Yes it was invasive, and fucking painful, but it also put things in perspective.

They used to say that dark days were coming, but they're here.

They're here, and they've been here for a while, but with the strength of those close to me, and a few anxiety blockers provided by the men in the blue coats, I think we can reach the other side.

Anyway, my transmission is fading, loosing signal with the transnode, I'll speak again soon.

We've all got a lot to look forward to, an end to strife, a new dawn... Personally I'm just hopeful for celebrating Christmas with someone special, Camden or Upper East Side, don't mind where, just keeping my priorities in check.


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