Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Destination: NYC


Hey guys!

Long time no speak! Sorry had a fucking Orochi drone on my ass! Every time I tried to get a secure line, BAM! Compromised!

But here we are again, and I'm ready to continue my tale.

So we had made our way to London and Agent H and I had shared the closest thing to a normal evening together since all this shit had started.

Anyway, over night I'd been hitting my usual hang outs, trying to find a location from a photo. I knew it was in London, but finding the spot? That was proving to be a real pain in the ass.

Thankfully I happen to know some of the best in town and we managed to track down the site, so Agent H and I went on a raid.

Shit man! The site was a bombshell! Looked like a nuke had gone off and left only rotting pizza boxes as fallout.

But low and behold, yet another demon circle.

So we got to work with the decrypting, and before we knew it we were seeing another answer phone message from Hell, this time it was telling us to go to New York, into the very sewers that hides the entrance to our HQ.

I didn't know what this demon worshiping SOB was up to, but doing it right on the company's doorstep? Either that took serious balls, or the guy was out of his fucking mind!

That if course meant another trip through the Hollow Earth, having our insides torn out through our mouths and spun in a spin dryer.

I'm not being literal of course, fuck no! But let me tell you, phasing through into Agartha is not pleasent.

We didn't waste any time, straight through to the sewer entrance, and that was where we met our next contact, a grumpy, sex obsessed emo who for anonymity's sake will be called Agent I.


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