Monday, 18 November 2013

Case File: Zombies


Case File: Zombies


Transcript Notes by Agent Skorn:

So you want me to talk about the Zed Heads? The Rotts, The Walkers, the [CENSORED] Zombies?

Sure I'll tell you about [CENSORED] Zombies.

You ever see the film Dawn of the Dead? If not, go out, watch that film and learn everything from that.

Then once you've watched that forget everything you learned!

That piece of [CENSORED] knows nothing about Zeds. Not a [CENSORED] thing!

Sure 28 Days Later got the speed down right, but that was about it.

[CENSORED] if you want to learn about Zeds, play some Left 4 Dead, the speed, the punishment they can take, the [CENSORED] mutations! It's all there.

I swear Valve must have had the inside track when they made that game.

Ok, so here's what I know.

There's a virus. It's related to the fog somehow, and those infected turn into Zed Heads.

Go to Kingsmouth, there's a [CENSORED] load of them there. More target practice than you can imagine.

Sure a bullet to the brain puts them down, but I'm not convinced it's permanent.

In my time at Kingsmouth I must have re-killed well over a hundred of these [CENSORED] but you go back there now and they're still swarming the place.

Temporary stoppage, that's all a bullet does. I don't know if there's some sort of re-growth that goes on there, maybe their cells ain't properly dead, but I swear they come back.

That's why fire is so important.

Burn the [CENSORED]! Chop them up and burn them.

Some people might tell you that they can be rehabilitated, that they remember who they were. [CENSORED] that [CENSORED]!

There's no memory, there's no second chances, just put them down like the animals they are!


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