Thursday, 14 November 2013

Case File: Wendigo


Case File: Wendigo


Transcript Notes by Agent Skorn:

So let me get this straight, you want me to talk about what I saw? You've seen the report! There's a [CENSORED] load of [REDACTED] there!

Oh you just want me to talk about Wendigo? You've got to be [CENSORED] with me! [REDACTED] are all over those islands, and you want me to tell you about [CENSORED] Wendigo!


They're native I think to North America.

From what I could tell they're native in more ways than one.


Yeah ok, no jokes.

Well I heard a story from a local, something about a Native American who are only raw meat until he turned into a baby-eating beast.

Not the best page turner I must be honest, but if you head down to the caravan park you'll hear tonnes more stories.

Most seem to follow the same path, Native Americans who went cannibal and became something different, as if the process of eating your own kind turns you into a beast.

I don't buy it myself. I've heard a [CENSORED] load of stories of men being trapped on Everest or some [CENSORED] and they didn't become literal monsters after eating their buddies.

What I do know is that they are out there, on those islands and they are hungry.

If you want my recommendations, I'd say to take a strike team and exterminate every one of them. While I was there I even saw one of the [CENSORED] reach Kingsmouth town! Imagine if it had reached a school or whatever? [CENSORED] that sort if [CENSORED] isn't even worth thinking about!

Yeah I killed a few myself, but they didn't go down easily, and it's not as if I was alone.

So yeah, my recommendation? Napalm, lots and lots of napalm. Show those [CENSORED] not to mess with us and to stick to their hovels in the mountains.

Now do you mind letting me out of this [CENSORED] room?


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