Thursday, 11 August 2016

Investigation Report: Day 1

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Hey guys! You all doing well?

Did you see my upload from before?


Ok, I won't bother you with the backstory, hopefully your familiar with all that. But I've been a very busy little bee today.

I'm back in London, back in my house in fact, probably why this is being recorded clearly without static and shit!


Wait was that? Ha! No!

Sorry, I thought I was chancing fate for a moment.

Ok, right. So by now you've read about the Zed Head I dealt with in London?

Yeah, so I've been looking for the fucker who started the whole thing. Aaand today is day one of my investigation, and I spent most of it with my thumb up my ass getting Jack and Shit from all over the place.

Got a face mind. Greasy looking fucker. Long black hair, looks like a guy who hasn't been laid in a long time.

I've needed to give him a name, something to go by.

I figured Samedi would be good. You know, from Voodoo. I mean if this guy is making Zeds, then really he's just a modern witch-doctor. Only without the Diablo-esq doggies.

So yeah... Samedi.

I've got Barry on the case, he's running screen grabs on what CCTV I was able to jack into, but so far, fuck all.

Heard back from the white coats at the Eye however.

Yeah, they got a hold of the Zed Mother, did some tests. Found some weird stuff in her blood.


ParaZydrate-Dehydro-Something. They're calling it PZD for the moment.

So yeah, she had traces of this PZD shit in her system, they took it out and ran it through some tests, got the vid file here for you if interested.


Sorry about the format, but they're Mac assholes, and honestly, I can't be fucked to convert it.

So yeah, from what I gather these they gave it to some lab mouse, within seconds it had reached the poor fucker's brain, shrivelled it to one tenth's it size, and the little git tried to eat the other nice around it. Gave it some sort of super strength too, head butted it's cage bars and bent the shit outta them.

Yeah, so... If this shit gets out into the mainstream, we're pretty much fucked.

The white coats tried a few things, injection, ingestion, even rubbing it on the skin. Thankfully the last one didn't do anything. The ingestion however, yeah.

Results weren't as fast as injection, but they ended up the same regardless. Apparently that took about two hours.

Either way, if this Samedi guy gets it into the water supply, then London is going to go all 28 Days Later. And that can just fuck right off.

Anyway, like I said. I got Barry checking the CCTV, we got a few back doors and worms doing their things. This Samedi turns up, I'll know.

I'll keep you posted, but for now, stay vigilant, and don't let anyone stick you with needles, especially if they look like a Nightwish fan.


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