Monday, 26 January 2015

The Gifted Ones


And we have a green light! We're go!

If you're reading this then that means my reverse engineering of an Orochi Mech has worked and I now have my own semi autonomous AI. Once we get back to Camden I'll be sure to dock it in with my rig and get us some automatic temperature and light controls.

You probably can't tell from my writing, but I am geeking out so fucking much right now!
Anyway that's not what I'm here to discuss with you all.


Today, as well as showing off my new A.I. controller, I'm also going to be talking about those of us who walk among you who have a gift.

Now I'm not talking the sort you get for fucking Christmas. Fuck no!

I'm talking about Professor X and the fucking X Men sort of gifts!

So we recently learned more about Fear Nothing Foundation; remember them? The fucked up summer camp that was bending the mind's of the kids who went there like they were fucking spoons!

Turns out they also have a school for the gifted or whatever bullshit tag you want to give it.

So I have no real idea how, but they took these kids and moulded them, trying to eliminate anything that they deemed as a weakness while promoting strengths.

Does that sound familiar? It should as that's what the fucking Nazis tried to do, only difference is with the Nazis we weren't talking about super powers.

Or are we?

Let's just think about it for a second, yeah?

We know without a doubt of two things:

1). The Nazis had this thing about blonde people and all that super race crap.

2). We also know that the Nazis were interested in the occult and had an actual division dedicated to researching that shit.

Ok so how am I going to put 1 and 2 together? And will it make 3 or 5?

Well let's just step back a second right? Remember what I told you about Thor and his brother?

No? Ok let me go over this again as it's been a while.

So you all know of Thor right? I'm not talking that hair-model we have in the dumb ass Whedon movie, no I mean the one from Nordic lore; the "don't fuck with me or I'll zap your ass with lightning and squash you with a fucking hammer" Thor!

Well it's not hard to think that he was like me and the others like him, just look at Agent L who I team with? He quite literally has the gift of summoning lightning and regular smashed bad guy's faces in with his hammer. It's like he's the modern emo version of Thor himself.

So what if the Nazis were trying to learn more about the old-Gifted, found out that Thor and Odin and Loki were just as real as you and I, and we're trying to somehow breed that into their offspring?

I mean fuck! They were digging all around Europe, is it really hard to believe that maybe they dug too deep somewhere and learned something they shouldn't have?

Just look at it all, the Nazis start digging around in Central Europe when the Allies say that enough is enough and wage war! Fuck we've seen the shit that lives in Romania, I know first hand how it is all connected to the Sleeping Whisperers! What if the Second World War was actually to stop them releasing an Old God?

Is that so hard to believe? Really?

Until the last weekend I would have agreed with you until I learned something the hard way.

Paul Simon, partner to Art Garfunkle of Simon and Garfunkle fame, he was a Gifted.

Yeah I know how this sounds, it's like I'm going into the 'Beyoncé and Jay Z belong to The Company' territory along with Obama being a lizard man or some shit like that.

I know it sounds crazy, but just hear me out.

You see there are two types of Gifted, maybe even more, but at least two for sure.

The first are like me, H and L along with Thor and the like. We're kinda like the good guys, and if you need any proof just look at our gifts; we can summon bright colourful powers of the elements!
Oh... And read demonic in my case.
Anyway, then we see the other side, the 'bad' guys if you will. With us it's all sparkly twilight shit! With them it's black goo and tentacles! Seriously, what good guy summons black gooey tentacles?

But I've spoken with a Sleeper, it pleaded with me for release before I shot it in it's Shoggithian face!

But in that time it revealed so much! It told me of the gifts it can bestow on those who are faithful to it, anything from wealth and strength to creativity and inspiration!

That's what we're seeing here! How many musicians and artists are often described as having a 'dark' side or as if they made a pact with the devil? Because they fucking did! They gave themselves to the Sleepers and were rewarded with a life of fame, fortune and tragedy as a result.

I mean fuck! Just think about it! Ever wondered why every so often there is a boom of creativity? Of new waves of art or music? And why does it almost always focus around certain locations?


Now I'm not saying that everyone who has ever been a success with creativity sold their soul to an Old God, but come on; are you telling me that Justin Bieber got where he did through talent?

Fuck no! If that isn't evil intervention then I don't know what is!

But this brings us back to the school of Fear Nothing.

They were enhancing those who already had gifts, maybe some were like us and had the gifts from a higher power, maybe others were given them from the Sleeping Whispering Dreamers, and maybe others from some other unknown source? Fuck if I know!

But these kids are there; shit! I meat one with my own eyes and saw his abilities for myself.

This makes me wonder, how many others are there?

Shit, I mean what if it's in all of us?

What if every one of us has this latent 'gift' inside us and it just needs a catalyst, be that of course a magic bee or black goo?

I'll be damned if I know, but it sure makes you think.

Huh? Yeah sure I'll be right there.

How do I turn this off? Ah I know!

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