Friday, 23 October 2015

Q&A Archive: Halloween.txt


Great you got that on? Wonderful! I'm so [CESORED] happy to know that everything I'm about to say will be recorded.


What? Now you want me to tell you about [CENSORED] Halloween?


Fine I'll tell you about [CENSORED] Halloween!

[CENSORED] me this just gets more and more [CENSORED] up!

Ok so get this! Every year on October thirty first, little children from around the world dress up as ghosts and witches and go beg for sweeties from adults!

How's that? You [CENSORED] happy now? Can I go?

You know I have a [CENSORED] job to do right? You know? We have those [REDACTED] with their glowing wings and [CENSORED] to track down?

No? You'd rather I sit here and talk about a [CENSORED] kiddies holiday?


Fine! Ok if it will get me the [CENSORED] outta here!

Ok, so Halloween; kiddies think it's all about sweeties and fancy dress, but you know what? That [CENSORED] ain't the half of it!

You been to [REDACTED] recently? Or any time for the past two, three years? Yeah it's stuck in perpetual [CENSORED] Halloween!

I swear it's like running around in a [CENSORED] Twilight movie! [CENSORED]! Why couldn't it be stuck in permanent Christmas or something? Eternal crisp snow and reindeer bells or something?

Think that's a coincidence? Think that there's no reason why it's stuck like that? Nah there's no coincidence! There's a reason behind it, but I'll be [CENSORED] if I have a clue what it is.

Who knows, maybe it all comes down to [REDACTED], you know?

They say that on Halloween the veil between the living world and the spirit world is at it's thinnest, that the dead can walk the world, well the dead most certainly are walking around Kingsmouth! But that's because of the mist though, isn't it?

But think of it this way, if the veil is at it's thinnest on that day, what about everything else? I've seen reports in my time of crazy [CENSORED]jobs using spirits to power machines or give them beyond human powers.


Of course! That's how we do it!


That Snake Demon [CENSORED] wants to [CENSORED] with us, we use Kingsmouth against him! We pierce the veil and unleash a torrent of ghost [CENSORED] at him!


What?!? You mean we can't do that?


Great so now what?


Fine! Ok I'll just keep sitting here giving you reports then...

What's next?


No [REDACTED] ain't real, neither is [REDACTED] or the [REDACTED]!


What! You've gotta be [CENSORED] me! [REDACTED] is real? Well [CENSORED] me!


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