Monday, 11 May 2015

Communications Going Dark


Is this thing working?


This is Codename Skorn coming to you from a secure location.
Sadly because of recent activity things have had to take a more secretive route than usual.
I'm guessing by now you've all seen the news broadcast, and I'm asking you [STATIC]please don't believe it.

The powers that be would have you believe that me and those like me are responsible for the Tokyo incident. That is a [STATIC]lie.

There are forces at work here. The Snake being one of them and maybe even The Company themselves.


They want us dead.

Hundreds, if not thousands died as a result of the Tokyo Incident and it made 911 look like a day at the fair.


They are now trying to pin this on us.

Lily Engel the Snake's chairwoman has gone and where or by whom is up for debate, but they are pinning this on us.

Everything you are seeing now is all spin-doctored bullshit, as they try to make things as difficult and painful for us as possible.

Do not believe their lies!


I am worried I will have to go dark for a while.

As far as I am aware me and my team have been black-listed. Scrubbed from data banks and no record exists of our employment with The Company.
Do not try and find us.

My research will continue and I will reveal what I can when I can.


Mum? Dad? I'm sorry. I can't even imagine what you must be going through. I just need some time and everything will be straightened out.

You just need to believe me when I tell you [STATIC] I didn't do what they are saying I did

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